Short Version: Midwestern Transplant to NYC. Data and Visualization Nerd. Strategy Lover. Always Curious. Americano Aficionado. Brussels Sprouts Advocate.

Longer Version: Kendra focuses on marrying data with organizational and brand strategy. She spent her mid-teens completing her undergraduate studies in Political Science and Theatre. As a 17-year-old with a Bachelor's degree, she spent a year studying art and playing rugby. At 18 she started a Political Science Ph.D. program, only to decide two years later that she wanted to leave academia and change the way people think about data and information. Oddly enough, she uses everything she studied on a daily basis.

Kendra has now spent the better part of a decade working for several New York-based marketing and consulting firms, as well as on a few product/startup projects. She occasionally lectures on turning analytics into usable insights, and finding metrics and key indicators that speak clearly to bespoke strategic foci. Kendra Clarke is passionate about user experience, information design and using data to drive narratives that inspire empathy.

Kendra can be reached via email at kendra at clarkwithane.com


Photo by Ken Hamm.